By Davey Anderson

Imagine. You wake up, you open your eyes…

A small room, bright lights, white walls, a metal door...
Imagine you wake up and you’re in a jail cell. You go up to the door.
You bang your fists. Screaming, shouting.
And the police guy looks at you like you’re a pure thug or something.
Imagine he just looks at you and he goes…

‘You’re getting charged with attempted murder, wee man’.

You’d start remembering…      Everything!
Right from the beginning.
You would try to remember…

How did I get here?

Following sell-out success at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, ThickSkin returns with its emotionally stunning debut production of Davey Anderson’s Blackout. Under the artistic direction of Neil Bettles (Creative Associate, Frantic Assembly), ThickSkin is a company producing heart-stopping visual theatre.

Inspired by the stories of a young offender from Glasgow, Blackout is a 45-minute smack in the face.  Performed by a five-strong cast of young Glaswegians, ThickSkin’s Blackout brings this play to life with a mix of striking physicality and Anderson’s hard-hitting text.



ThickSkin is the operating name of ThickSkin Theatre, a Registered Charity, no: 1188196