Introducing a new series of micro-productions by ThickSkin, known as MATCHBOX plays. These bite-sized performances celebrate emerging talent and help to get young people involved in theatre through innovative outreach activities. Each MATCHBOX play is accompanied by fun and energetic, physical devising workshops. MATCHBOX activities are designed to fan the flames of creativity, ignite potential and spark enthusiasm for the arts.

MATCHBOX series is a programme of high impact small plays which can be easily toured to studio spaces, community settings and schools. It has been conceived to showcase ThickSkin’s trademark aesthetic and bring theatre to new audiences.

We are currently receiving expressions of interest from theatres, schools and other groups for our
MATCHBOX double bill:

AWOL and Boy Magnet


Created by Jonnie Riordan, Jess Williams

and Ben Walden

A highly physical, fast paced, multimedia story of escape and new beginnings.  In a cold, controlled world, where we are all expected to conform, two unlikely individuals team up and attempt to go under the radar, to break away from the norm.


What’s on the other side of the wall?

What will you find when you finally open your eyes?

Who will you meet when you get there?

And will it be any better than what you already have?

A scratch performance of AWOL will be performed at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, 30 & 31 May



Created by Neil Bettles and Jonnie Riordan


A story told with movement and light… Immersing the audience in a club-like experience that crackles with power.


Charlie has issues. Faulty wiring mainly. For his whole life he's never been able to touch. Anything. Charlie can't wear a watch or sit close to the TV. He can't travel by plane and most definitely never goes swimming. Charlie is electric, charged with lightning and very dangerous. Then one day Jessica appears out of nowhere, as if she’s fallen from the sky. And Charlie can't get enough of her. As their dance leads them closer together will either of them come out of this alive?


Don't. Touch. Anything!